Alamo Auto AC Repair, an extension of Eurasian Auto Repair in San Antonio


Alamo Auto AC Repair, Specializes in European, Asian & Domestic Air Conditioning

Alamo Auto A/C
  • BMW A/C Repair
  • VW A/C Repair
  • Mercedes A/C Repair
  • Volvo A/C Repair
  • Lexus A/C Repair
  • Toyota A/C Repair
  • Isuzu A/C Repair
  • Audi A/C Repair
  • Jaguar A/C Repair








Living in San Antonio, you know how important it is to have your car’s air conditioning working properly during the hot summer months! Alamo Auto A/C can provide you a complete air conditioning system inspection to make sure your car is ready for summer. Alamo Auto A/C is at the top of its industry providing our customers with service you can trust.For over 22 years, Alamo Auto A/C Repair has been owned and operated by Robert Mosley, a trusted name in San Antonio in the auto repair business. With a staff of quality ASE Master Technicians, you can rely on Alamo Auto A/C to handle any repair and do it right the first time.