Extend The Life of Your Engine

Extend The Life of Your Engine

The engine can be viewed as the heart of a car. It will consistently pump oil and keep the rest of the chrome organs running. Taking care of your heart helps reduce costly health issues. Taking care of your engine helps to reduce costly repairs later on. See the similarities?

Let’s take a look at some proven ways you can keep your engine running better for longer.


If an engine is a car’s heart, the oil is its’ lifeblood; however, that is where the similarities end between oil and blood. This is because, unlike blood, oil is not self-restorative. The oil must be changed manually to keep the engine running smoothly. Imagine if every micro-organism ever introduced to your blood kept pumping through your body; you would die. That is what not changing your oil will do to your engine. Oil needs to course smoothly through, something that is not possible if it is more gunk than Mobil 1.


Air filters are relatively easy to replace and inexpensive in comparison to the damage inflicted to your vehicle when they continuously go past their lifespan. Allowing this can lead to performance and fuel issues. Keeping an unobstructed filter can prevent a multitude of issues.

  • Transmission fluid
  • brake fluid
  • power steering fluid
  • coolant

These are all essential to keep the systems in your car efficient. Efficient systems generally lead to efficient engines.


Tires can affect the efficiency of all the components of your vehicle; engine included. Tires should be checked for tread life as well as air pressure to prevent any issues in the way they are preforming. “From the ground up” is certainly true in this instance as tires have the ability to affect most of your vehicle’s systems.

In the end general maintenance and knowing your vehicle are imperative to keeping your engine running smoothly.


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