Protecting your Battery

Protecting your Battery

Everything is bigger in Texas; including the heat index. Anyone native to San Antonio knows that Texas heat is a different type of heat. Due to our proximity to the Gulf of Mexico, Texas’s heat index is skewed compared to outside temperatures.  Despite the knowledge of our climate, many drivers don’t recognize that the intense heat can negatively affect our vehicles. Additionally, the hottest months also see the most traffic. With your vehicle being in the Texas sun constantly, don’t be alarmed if you have trouble starting your car this summer. Overheating your car battery can be one of the many problems that arise with your vehicle due to extreme conditions.

Texas Heat and your Battery

Your battery and battery health are dire because it is the mitochondria of your vehicle. The battery in a car assists in powering an engine from first crank until every light and noise is no longer operating. The inner workings of your car’s battery are much like a battery you use at home, akin to an AA battery; both run from battery acid.

The hot weather causes your battery’s acid to dispel faster. As battery acid decreases, the overall health of your vehicle declines as well. This negative impact will dramatically decrease the life of your battery. To avoid a hasty replacement on your battery, we advise you to follow these tips to help preserve your battery this summer.

Protecting your Battery:

1 – Have your vehicle’s battery examined at the start of the summer season to get a grasp on where your battery is at.  It is always a good idea to take your car into the shop for an inspection. At Alamo AC, our skilled team of technicians can look at your car battery and offer you one-on-one advice on the state of its health and life expectancy.

2 – Check all vehicle fluids. Your car has different fluids you need to maintain: brake fluid, power steering fluid, transmission fluid, and engine oil. Ensure all of these are topped off at the beginning of the season and throughout the hottest months. Reminder: Check your fluids in the cooler months as well!

3 – Try to park in heavily shaded areas when possible. Avoid keeping your vehicle directly in the sun to prevent unnecessary damage to your battery. An extra perk to this tip is that your car will be cooler whenever you return.

Although it is not easy to beat Texas heat; these tips will help prevent an early demise to your vehicle’s battery. If you have any concerns please contact us today!


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