When to Change Your Engine Air Filter

When to Change Your Engine Air Filter

An air filter is a relatively inexpensive, but important, part of any vehicle. Engine air filters keep dust, particles, and contaminants out of the engine while it is sucking in air. This is because, as the engine runs, it sucks in air as needed. The reason process becomes is due to the fact that with air comes many different types of debris and particles. If particles and debris are allowed past the air filter, into the engine chambers, major damage can occur. Air filters are relatively inexpensive, but the labor in replacing them can range depending on vehicle make and model. Newer car models have began placing air filters in odd places due to fuel economy and aerodynamics. When it comes to these filters we suggest having it replaced in shop to cut down on the complications that can arise due to placement.

Signs your engine needs a new air filter include:


A reduction in engine power could be as simple as a clogged engine air filter. If air isn’t unobstructed when flowing to the engine, your vehicle can’t perform efficiently as it once did. The car may feel listless during acceleration, or it may jerk when stepping on the gas. If this is the issue, adding a clean air filter can fix the problem right away. Keep in mind that a dirty filter can always cause more issues when gone untreated, so the safest procedure is switching your filter before it begins affecting your vehicle in this way.


When an engine strains to do its job due to a lack of airflow, it will run up more fuel than it should to offset the problem. An efficient engine will ensure to get the miles that the car should get. You may also catch the smell of gasoline from your exhaust system, as your engine is guzzling excessive amounts of fuel. You could be saving yourself money by just replacing your engine air filter.


When dirt and debris are noticeable on an air filter, that is a neon sign. Air filters are equipped with tons of grooves to trap all of these different particles, so if there is obvious dirt, the grooves are no longer doing their job and the filter should be replaced as soon as possible. A clean air filter will be a white, or off-white color. As filters catch dirt and dust over time, they will get darker


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